Intruders: The Awakening

If the dead don’t get you, the aliens will.

Where were you when the world ended?

It’s a question Zoe has wanted to ask someone… anyone… since escaping death. But, she doesn’t have time to sit around and wait for an answer. Moans from the dead remind her that death isn’t far behind. She has to keep moving, that is until nightfall when the aliens rise from tunnels below.

Why are they here? Why are they destroying Earth? Why are the dead not dead?

More questions.

Zoe’s only hope is to find Griffin Murphy, a paleontologist who may have the answers. If he survived the invasion, Murphy is hundreds of miles away. Zoe will have to fight the dead and dodge the aliens to get to the one man she’s put her faith in to save what’s left of the world she once knew.

If she dies, she goes down swinging. If she lives, maybe she will find someone to tell her where they were when the world ended.

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